Instructions on how to use Self Service for Faculty

Self Service for Faculty

Self Service for Faculty (SSF) - formally Web for Faculty is an advanced academic advising tool and a source of information for your own classes. It is designed to allow faculty user friendly access to live information within the student database. The following pages will help facilitate your use of the product. Training is available upon request.

1) The portal into the system is located on the Academic Affairs home page. The link is Self Service for Faculty  This will take you to the User Login page.
2) You will need your Siena Identification (SID) number to enter the system. This is conveniently located on the top left corner of your pay stub. You may also request it of anyone in your school office, the Director of Academic Advising (ext 2975), or the AVPAA (ext. 2307).
3) You will also need to enter a Password. Your initial is generated by the College and will need to be provided to you from ITS. Please call ext. 5000 to request the Password 

After you enter both the SID and Password, click Log In. 
4) You will then see a new screen entitled "Login Verification Change PIN"  and you will be asked to change your password to another 8 digit (both numbers and letters must be used password. This only happens the first time you enter into the system
You also need to fill in two security  questions. This is important, as Academic Affairs is no longer able to reset PINS. 
5) Next, click on Faculty Services. This location gives you information, including rosters, on you and your classes. You will now always know if a student has withdrawn from one of your classes.

6) The best way to obtain information on your advisees is to click on Student Information Menu. This is located the on the top of the Faculty Services menu. Next, click on the top link List of Advisees. You must select a term at this point an click Submit. This will list your advisees 1) SID, 2) CAPP, 3) Transcript, 4) Holds, 5) SAT Scores, 6) Student Information and 7) Alternate Pins.

Please do not distribute the Alternate PINS until you meet in person with a student.

Each time you look up data, you must select the appropriate term. Click on Term Selection to do this. It may not default to the current term. This includes when you wish to view data from a different course
8) When you look at a CAPP report, you must click on Generate New Evaluation at the bottom of the page, or it will give you the last - and perhaps outdated - report that was run. There is an online tutorial at the Registrar website on interpreting CAPP. It is called "How to interpret your audit."

9) You have now been given access to information on students that most of you did not have easy access to in the past. It is imperative that you follow Siena guidelines and Federal Laws on the proper use of student information. For instance, it is not proper to go fishing to obtain information regarding student records unless there is a legitimate academic reason for you to have that information. All users are expected to use their professional judgment. Abuse of the privilege to access this information will result in a warning for the first offense, a suspension of privileges for the second offense and permanent revocation of privileges for the third offence.
Do not release any student information to a third party outside of Siena.
Contact Jim Serbalik (Ext. 2368) with any and all questions regarding the release of student information

10) The security on the system is set so that you will need to change your password every 90 days

11) If you forget your PIN, click on the "Forgot PIN"  box and it will ask you the security question

12) If you lock yourself out - by putting in the wrong PIN 3 times  - call the helpdesk at ext. 5000 and they will e-mail you a new PIN.