Our Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement

The Siena for Life Club seeks to educate and encourage open discussion within the college community about the ethical questions of life in keeping with Siena’s Franciscan and Catholic mission.  We ascribe to the “Seamless Garment” ethic, which peacefully respects and dignifies human life at all stages, including respect for one’s own life.  In keeping with the College’s mission, the club seeks to enhance and advance this mission by fostering open dialogue and a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their viewpoint, on all topics related to human life.


 Our Siena Heritage

The Siena for Life Club is a mission based club, which means that our purpose is based on Siena College's unique mission. As a result, we base our above mission on Siena College's ideal to be a learning community which advances the ideals of a liberal arts education, rooted in its identity as a Franciscan and Catholic institution.  

In particular, the Siena for Life Club seeks to build upon the portions of Siena's mission which emphasize that:

As a learning community, Siena "provides experiences and courses of study instilling the values and knowledge to lead a compassionate, reflective, and productive life of service and leadership."

As a liberal arts college, Siena "fosters the rigorous intellectual development of its students through a healthy exchange of ideas both inside and outside the classroom."

As a Franciscan community, Siena affirms "the unique worth of each person, delight in diversity, appreciation for beauty, service with the poor and marginalized."

As a Catholic college, Siena seeks "ethical formation" and "fosters a critical appreciation of the Catholic intellectual heritage in conversation with contemporary experience" and "affirms the dignity of the individual while pursuing the common good."

Complete Version of the Siena College Mission Statement