All members of the Siena College community are invited to attend Gaelic Society meetings and to become members.  We generally meet every other week in Siena Hall (e-mails are sent to all students to advertise our meetings).  In order to have a more definitve membership, dues to join the Society are $10.  This money goes towards events on campus as well as paying for off campus trips.  If there are issues with paying the dues, contact the Executive Board.


Gaelic Society Merchandise

To fundraise for the club, the Society has various t-shirt designs, mugs, and glasses that are sold at events across campus.


Movie Screenings

We occasionally screen Irish-themed movies on campus.


Irish Step Dance

Interested in showing off your talent? Contact the E-Board or come to a meeting to learn more about the Irish Dance Team on campus.


Irish Music

We are always looking for students who can play traditional Irish Instruments (fiddle, tin whistle, bagpipes, bodhran, concertina, flute, guitar, etc.) and are willing to show others how to.   Participation in the music branch of the club varies year-to-year based on the number of musical members that are involved.