The Seamless Life on Saint Talk


The Seamless Life
The Seamless Life is Siena for Life Club's talk show on Saint Talk, Siena College's Online Radio.
The Seamless Life first aired at the beginning of the Spring 2012 semester. Conceived and co-hosted by Brian Dorrian, Saint Talk director and Siena for Life Vice President, and David Carvalho, Siena for Life President, the show focuses on the discussion of ethical life issues as well as club news. The show's name is derived from the Seamless Garment Ethic, which the Siena for Life Club is based on.
The dynamic duo of Brian and Dave will entertain you with their humor, inspire you with thought-provoking conversation, educate you about modern day issues, update you on Siena for Life Club activties and initiatives, and help you learn about the richness of Catholic Social Teaching and the Seamless Garment Ethic.
Tune into Saint Talk daily at 3 PM and 9 PM to hear the week's show!