History Club Constitution

Siena College Student Historical Society
II.        THE PURPOSE OF THIS ORGANIZATION IS to promote the appreciation and study of history through lectures, discussions, field studies and community activities. The Historical Society also looks to promote critical thought and historical analysis of how historical events impact the modern world.
(a) All members of the Siena College Community are eligible for membership.
Section One, Officers
(a) President
- The President shall preside at all club meetings, decide policy subject to approval by a majority of club membership, call meetings at designated time and place(
(b) Vice President
- The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of all the duties of the office;
- The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President if, for any reason, the President is unable to do so;
- The Vice President shall assume the duties of any vacant positions,
until elections can be held;The Vice President shall attend the House of Clubs (HOC)
(c) Secretary
- The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings;
- The Secretary shall also be responsible for all club correspondence;
- The Secretary shall assume the duties of the President, Vice President, or Treasurer if they are unable to do so.
(d) Treasurer
- The Treasurer shall keep all financial records;
- The Treasurer shall assume the duties of the President, Vice President or Secretary if they are unable to do so;
- The Treasurer is responsible for attending Budget Allocation Committee (BAC) meetings when necessary; The Treasurer is responsible for submitting a budget to BAC.
(e) Public Relations Officer
- The Public Relations Officer shall increase awareness of the History Club on campus.
- The Public Relations Officer shall promote the History Club on campus and endeavor to increase Club membership.
- The Public Relations Officer shall assist the Secretary in Club correspondence to members and to the general student body.
- The Public Relations Officer shall assume the duties of the President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer if they are unable to do so.
(f) Social Networking Chair
- Manage all social networking website for the club.
- Social Networking sites include, but are not limited to, Siena College, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Adhere to all policies set forth by Siena College regarding websites.
- Appointed position, subject to 2/3rd majority approval by club.
- Non-voting.
Section Two, Term Length
(a) OFFICERS shall hold office for one year, beginning on the day immediately following commencement;
(b) OFFICERS are eligible to run for re-election of the same office or another office;
(c) OFFICERS who choose to study abroad must resign their office for the remainder of their term and the office will then be filled by special elections.
Section Three, Elections
(a) Nominations will occur at a regular club meeting within the first (2) weeks of April;
(b) Elections will be held at the regular club meeting, immediately following Nominations;
(c) All club members in good standing, with the exception of the President, are eligible to vote;
(d) In the case of a tie, the President upon acknowledgement of the tie, shall cast a vote to break the tie;
(e) In the case of a tie for an office in which the incumbent President is a candidate, a runoff election shall be held at the following meeting; club officers are excluded from voting in the runoff election.
Section Four, Impeachment
(a) Officers who are inactive for a period of one month in club activities can be brought to impeachment by a majority of the remaining officers and are subject to removal by a simple majority vote of club members in good standing.
V.        MEETINGS
(a) The Society shall hold a minimum of two (2) regular meetings every month;
(b) There shall be a minimum of one (1) officers meeting every month.
(a) The President, or meeting Chair, shall direct the course of the meeting and maintain reasonable order as necessary, allowing for reasonable input from members;
(b) Meetings may be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order, revised at the discretion of the club members. At the request of an individual member the officers may initiate a vote to implement Robert’s Rules of Order, revised. A simple majority is required.
(a) Each spring at the annual Society Social an award shall be presented to one professor in the History Department in recognition of their service to the students of Siena College and/or the field of history for that particular school year. The award may not be presented to the same professor for two consecutive years.
(b) Nominations shall be held six (6) weeks prior to the Society Social;
(c) Voting shall be open to all club members and to all HISTORY, HISTORY EDUCATION, AMERICAN STUDIES, and CLASSICAL STUDIES MAJORS;
(d) Award recipients shall receive a plaque, funded by the Society, in recognition of their accomplishment.
(a) The Society shall be represented by an advisor whose responsibility is to ensure the continuation of the purpose and policies of the organization;
(b) The advisor shall also act as a consultant in policy matters.
(c) The advisor shall act as a liaison between the Society and the faculty of the College.
IX.       BY-LAWS
(a) The By-Laws shall be amended only by a majority vote of present club members in good standing.
(a) An amendment shall be admitted and signed by a minimum of three members in good standing and one officer;
(b) Amendments shall be submitted two weeks prior to voting on said amendment.
(c) An amendment must be approved by a 2/3 majority of all club members in good standing.
(a) The Society can only be dissolved through a unanimous decision of all club members in good standing, upon recommendation of the advisor.
(a) This constitution is effective upon ratification of a 2/3 majority vote of club members and approval of the Siena College Student Senate;
(b) All amended constitutions must be submitted to the Siena College Student Senate for ratification.
(a) This constitution was ratified by its members on 10 March 2007
(b) This constitution was approved by the Siena College Student Senate on
(a) This constitution must be reevaluated every 3 years, as in accordance with the Siena College Student Senate rules and regulations