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     To save energy and heat is it a good idea to caulk and weather strip .

Paint Shop

Paint Shop

The Siena College Paint Shop consists of quality craftsmen who provide proper interior and exterior preparation and painting of all 46 buildings on campus. Building painting is done on a schedule or an as-needed basis and is frequently done in conjunction with other planned maintenance, alterations, or upgrades of campus spaces. The office of Design and Construction has established certain color standards for general use throughout campus buildings. Painting done as part of regular maintenance is non-billable. Special requests and requests outside of the maintenance cycle are billable. In addition, outside contractor work is overseen by our shop personnel.


Painting Services:

  • Painting building interiors & exteriors, custom color matching and tinting
  • Painting light poles, bollards, railings, bridges, etc.
  • Painting residence halls, classrooms, stairwells, hallways, offices, and restrooms
  • Drywall repair and painting associated with remodels or renovations
  • Paint/stain new unfinished furniture/trim
  • Furniture refinishing, includes stripping/finishing of classic wood furniture
  • Renew walls, trim, cabinets, and doors
  • Hang wall coverings
  • Window filming and frosting or tinting
  • Specialty painting such as epoxies and decorative coatings
  • Design assistance and cost estimating


For inquiries, email the Facilities Work Request at or call at 518-783-2371








Rogelio Tambolero


 Recognizes employee for having a positive impact on the Siena Community, for going that extra mile to benefit others, and for being a shining example of the Franciscan Misson, which encourages us to "work together in friendship and respect"