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    Refrigerator(s), clean refrigerator coils twice a year and replace gaskets if a dollar bill easily slips out when closed between the door's seals.

Sign Shop

Sign Shop

Signs are here, there, and everywhere...........who puts them up you ask?


Siena's Facilities Management Sign Shop. Signs for dorms, offices, exits, elevators, restrooms, mechanical rooms, buildings, events, roadways, directional signs, and so on, we do them all.


We specialize in keeping you informed on where you are going and how to get there.


Should you need one, we also provide brass chair plates, donor brass plates, and interior or exterior dedication signs.

If we can help with your signage needs, please contact the Facilities Work Request Desk at or 783-2371.


Have the following information ready:


Phone #


Building and Room

Decription of your request, including location for the signage

Budget Code

Permission to enter the premises in your absence


CONSIDER the following........signage that is removed without authorization will be charged to those responsible for the offense. Charges will include a vandalism fee and full cost of replacement, including replacement labor.





Jully 2015 WINNER:


Dan Happ


 Recognizes employee for having a positive impact on the Siena Community, for going that extra mile to benefit others, and for being a shining example of the Franciscan Misson, which encourages us to "work together in friendship and respect"