Information Literacy Learning Goals

First Year Seminar

Information Literacy Learning Goals for the First Year Seminar


We recommend a two semester, incremental approach to information literacy within the First Year Seminar.  For the fall, each First Year Seminar professor is required to schedule a library research session that emphasizes finding and evaluating a variety of credible sources.  Ideally in the spring, a second session will be scheduled that emphasizes the development and organization of the research process.

The following information literacy goals are considered essential components of the First Year Seminar curriculum:

Students will demonstrate the ability to search CYRIL, the Standish Library’s online catalog, to locate books and other research materials.

·        Students will know how to obtain materials not available at Siena

·        Students will be able to perform a search in one of the multidisciplinary databases

·        Students will recognize the differences between types of periodical publications, e.g. scholarly, news, trade, and popular.

·        Students will be able to articulate the basics of academic integrity, i.e. plagiarism

·        Students will identify the elements that go into a citation in order to document sources properly




May 5, 2011