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News from the Siena College Department of Political Science


Dr. Leonard Cutler's co-edited collection ”The Obama Presidency:A Preliminary Assessment" has just been released by SUNY Press

Dr. Vera Eccarius-Kelly's "The Militant Kurds: A Dual Strategy for Freedom explores the complexity of the 30-year guerrilla war of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) against the Turkish Republic, identifying longstanding obstacles to peace and probing the new dynamics that may lead to an end to the conflict. In doing so, the book provides fascinating insights into Turkey's national ethos, its dominant military culture, and civil society's struggle for increased democratization." From Praeger Press 2010.

Dr. Laurie Naranch presented a conferene paper at the Western Political Science Association in Portland, OR on the work of Kwame Anthony Appiah and Iris Marion Young called."Rooted How?: The Allure and Limits of a Cosmopolitan Ethics for Politics."


Siena College is pleased to announce the establishment of a Moot Court/Mock Trial classroom.  The law firm of Girvin & Ferlazzo, P.C. has provided the Siena College Hon. James P. King Moot Court/Mock Trial team with a gift to fully cover the design and development of a flexible classroom/courtroom for our students. The design readily permits the conversion of a traditional classroom into a courtroom.

We are most grateful to Jay Girvin and Sal Ferlazzo for their  generous gift since it will enable our students to train, practice, and scrimmage in a simulated courtroom setting as they prepare for their annual regional competition through the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA).


Overview of proposed Mock Trial/Courtroom



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