Division of Student Life Assessment

The Division of Student Life at Siena College serves as a resource, advocate and partner for student learning.

 The Student Life Assessment Team advances this mission by supporting our division in the development and implementation of assessment plans, which effectively evaluate and enhance student learning and experiences that occur as a result of participation in our programs and services.   

Specifically, we provide:

  • Workshops to build assessment skills
  • Assistance in completing annual administrative assessment plans and reports
  • Support in developing assessment tools
  • Pre-implementation review of assessment tools
  • Help in effectively utilizing assessment results to enhance programs and services
  • A central resource for inter-departmental resource sharing

We provide customized, personalized and collaborative support based on each department’s needs, determined in consultation with department directors. 

2014-2015 Student Life Assessment Team
  • Mr. Robert Bahny, Services for Students with Disabilities, Veterans Services
  • Mr. Adam Casler, Residential Life
  • Sr. Sue Dunn, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Joy Galarneau, Dean of Students Office, Chair
  • Ms. Christa Grant, Damietta Cross Cultural Center
  • Ms. Brittany Grubb, Residential Life
  • Mr. Ronald Matos, Public Safety
  • Dr. Nathan Pruitt, Center for Counseling and Student Development


Division of Student Affairs Student Learning Outcomes

A sampling of what we’re teaching our students:

  • To choose behaviors that promote personal and community health and safety
  • To put their faith into action
  • Communication, conflict resolution skills, leadership, and teamwork skills
  • That embracing diversity, engaging in interfaith dialogue and advocating for social justice are Catholic Franciscan values
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Coping skills
  • The knowledge and skills needed to be cross-culturally competent
  • To demonstrate and apply the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for social justice in a culturally diverse world
  • Event planning skills
  • Customer service skills
  • To apply their knowledge of the DORS values to their personal choices, interpersonal interactions and co-curricular pursuits
  • How to recognize and challenge societal and institutional injustices
  • How to appropriately access campus resources
  • How to recognize, report and prevent violence
  • How to advocate for gender equality
  • Risk management, emergency preparedness, and life safety skills
  • To explore different cultures, ideas and beliefs
  • Key aspects of Franciscan leadership and how to apply these
  • That their uniqueness and differences are valued by and enrich the Siena community