Department Chair

  • Raj Devasagayam
    Professor of Marketing
    Colbeth Hall 113

Pepsi Bottling Plant Tour

Distribution Management (MRKT-321)


Class tour of Latham Pepsi Bottling Plant
Monday, October 8, 2012


Siena students from Distribution Management class, accompanied by Assistant Professor of Marketing Michael Pepe, toured the Latham Pepsi Bottling Plant on Monday, October 8. The tour allowed students to observe and understand the entire supply chain and logistics of Pepsi resulting in experiential learning that reinforced essential components of the Distribution Management course. Key aspects of the tour that students learned about included: 

  • Production planning and inbound/outbound freight
  • Materials, works in process and finished goods inventory management
  • Manufacturing techniques-economies of scale and scope; constraints; production runs
  • Logistics functions of order processing, transportation, warehousing and materials handling, and inventory management.
  • Customer service fulfillment-expectations and accommodations

The overall experience was beneficial to students and supported the mission of the School of Business as a student-centered learning community. Special thanks to Nick Gonzalez, Pepsi Production Supervisor, for conducting the two hour tour.