FAQs Biennial Review, Tenure, Promotion


School of Liberal Arts FAQs

Biennial Review, Tenure, and Promotion Applications


Does is make a difference if the C.V. is submitted in PDR or Sedona format?

While the College is moving toward universally using Sedona, at this time you can still submit your C.V. in either format.


Should the Faculty Member include information on their PDR or Sedona about activities/research/etc. that occurred before arriving at Siena, or only the items completed while at Siena?
You should include your full C.V.  – not only your achievements since arriving at Siena.

When the dossier is submitted to SoLA Dean, should it include Departmental Letter? 

Yes, the Faculty Member should coordinate with Department Chair about timing and dates by which you must get your dossier to the department so that the tenured Faculty Members will have the opportunity to review the materials and write the letter which must be submitted to the Dean SoLA on the specified date.

When submitting the 4-year dossier for review, should the Faculty Member submit their 2-year review letters (from Department Chair and dean of school)?

Yes, Faculty Member should submit the 2-year review letters behind the current letters from the department and the Dean.  the Faculty Member should also include students evaluations and classroom teaching observation letters that were included in the 2-year review in addition to those since the 2-year review.


Should Faculty Member include a book or part(s) of a book if applicable? 

For biennial review, a book or parts of a book should be available on request (by department and/or dean), but the Faculty Member does not have to include full book or full chapters—he or she does not need to copy it for inclusion in the dossier.  


Does the Department Chair or the Faculty Member deliver the dossier to the Dean? 

The Faculty Member is responsible for delivering the dossier and the department letter to the SoLA Dean on or prior to the deadline.  The Dean will meet with you after she/he reads through your dossier and departmental letter.  When you bring in your portfolio to the SoLA office, please schedule a time to meet with the Dean.


In addition to the hard copy of my dossier, do I need to submit an electronic version of the dossier to the VPAA's office?

You do not need to submit an electronic version of your two- or four-year dossier to the VPAA, however, you should consider scanning the documents or having them available electronically as you will need them in this format for the Tenure and Promotion. 


What are the "essential" documents?  

They are:
Narrative -- self-analysis, commenting on teaching, scholarship, and service as represented in theA following pages.  Recommend 10 pages, single-space, 12-pt font]

 Copy of your Department's Tenure and Promotion Guidelines          

 Personal Data Record or SEDONA printout

 Teaching Observations from Department and Dean       

 Summary of Student Evaluations of Teaching for all courses      

 List of ancillary materials 


What ancillary materials are typical?

Sample Course Syllabi: one from each different course taught, arranged by course number

Complete set of reports of student evaluations for each course taught, including student comments, arranged chronologically by semester from oldest to most recent.  Label clearly.  If summary reports not available, include original rating sheets.

Sample publications or other evidence of scholarly/creative activity.

Other ancillary materials of your choice.


Do I need to submit multiple syllabi from a course if I have taught it more than once? 

Faculty need to submit one representative syllabus for each course taught.  You do, however, need to submit student evaluations from all courses taught including those that you have taught more than once.


Can I submit copies of my annual observations or should I make sure they are originals?

Faculty should submit original documents.