Planning a meeting with your mentor or student mentee

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Planning a meeting with your mentor or student mentee

Spending time planning for your meeting with your mentor or student mentee will enhance the time you spend together. Depending on professional and academic interests, experience, and available time, meeting time together can be used to develop many helpful skills and build confidence.  Mentors should think ahead about what they would like to share with their student mentors but also be open to the questions and interests of their students.  By sharing the challenges, victories, and strategies for success in their field, mentors offer mentees realistic insight into a variety of professional fields and objective advice about professional direction and student goals.  Student mentees should prepare questions for their mentor on a variety of topics.  Additionally, mentees should spend time thinking about their values and goals.  How they want to spend their time and what kind of preparation (through education and work experience) they are willing to invest in their career.  Considering these questions before, during, and after mentor meetings with enhance student confidence and clarity about goals and aspirations.


Here are some activities that might be of interest:

  • Mock interviews
  • Resume development and review
  • Strategies to build a professional network and tips on 'baby-steps' to develop professional contacts.
  • Shadow days 'on the job'
  • Discussion of the uses and abuses of various social networks.
  • Sharing of student mentee aspirations
  • Sharing of mentor's professional journey and current aspirations
  • Professional etiquette and why it is still important
  • Brainstorming session on internship opportunities
  • Pros and Cons of Graduate School
  • Meet your student for dinner at Serra
  • Take your student to an event on campus.  Show your student the activities you were involved with on campus when you were a student.  Turn the tables and have your student take you to an event organized by a club or group that he or she is involved with on campus.
  • Saint Coffee Break
  • Try something new together-- Attend a Siena Community Event that neither of you have ever been to but always wanted to try.
  • Introduce your student to your favorite professor—meet your student's favorite professor
  • Participate together for a community volunteer day
  • Encourage your student to make professional contacts with a few of your friends to learn the value of professional etiquette and how to network.