Biennial Review


School of Liberal Arts

Template for Biennial Review

 (Two- and Four-year Reviews)

The template (linked above) is a suggested format for tenure track faculty who are preparing for the two-year or four-year reviewFor official information, please see the Faculty Handbook and the Faculty Status web site. This web page and document are guidelines only and do not supersede any information on the Faculty Status page.
Departments must conduct a formal pre-tenure review in the spring of the second and fourth years of the tenure track. If you were granted time toward tenure when you were hired, that moves you forward in the tenure cycle. For example, if you were granted one year toward tenure, you will begin at Siena in the second year of the tenure track and the two-Year Review will be due during your first year at Siena. If you were granted two years toward tenure, you will not have a two-year review; rather, your “four-year review” will occur in the spring of your second year at Siena. The tenure date is in your contract and cannot be changed.
The Biennial Review (both two- and four-year) includes the departmental review (signed by the department chair and the faculty member), faculty member’s complete portfolio or dossier, and the dean's letter.   The Dean will base her letter on the dossier and the departmental review.  These two items are due to the Dean no later than April 1st of the review year--So candidates should work with their department to make sure the departmental letter is completed prior to this date
When the candidate delivers the portfolio and departmental letter to the Dean’s office, please set up a half-hour appointment to discuss the material. The Dean then writes a letter which must be submitted to the VPAA, along with the departmental letter, and the dossier by April 20th (Handbook p. III.4).  The dean’s office will send the dean’s and department’s letter to the VPAA and will return a copy to you, along with your binder. The binder is not forwarded to the VPAA.
The Departmental Review will be written by the department chair and will summarize the department's evaluation of the faculty member according to the departmental and College criteria for teaching, scholarship/creative activity, and service. The statement will include a description of the process the department followed and will record the vote taken or describe consensus reached. The letter should clearly indicate one of the following positions:
1.      The faculty is making successful progress towards tenure.
2.      The faculty needs to remedy certain deficiencies before the department will be able to indicate that the faculty is making successful progress towards tenure (these deficiencies will be indicated in writing).
3.      The faculty has remedied previously indicated deficiencies and is now making successful progress towards tenure.
4.      The faculty's performance is not sufficient to meet the needs of the department and the department requests that a terminal contract be offered (with reasons given).
The Dean's statement will evaluate the faculty member according to departmental and College criteria and will be informed by the departmental review. It will conclude with the dean’s view of the faculty member’s progress as outlined in the four statements above.
The Biennial Review Dossier requires only one hard copy binder or dossier and currently no electronic documents. Because you will need electronic documents for tenure & promotion, it is advised that you collect and scan all documents as you move through the tenure track. You will  submit a hard copy of your your dossier and any ancillary materials which will be reviewed by your department and the Dean. The required documents for the biennial review dossier as listed on the Faculty Status Committee web site (as of July 2012) are:
  1. Table of Contents and Departmental Guidelines
  2. Narrative (10 page max.)
  3. Siena College Personal Data Record (from Sedona):  It is the responsibility of the faculty member to maintain the accuracy of their personal data in the SEDONA database. Update your Siena College Personal Date Record in the SEDONA database.
  4. Evaluations and annual observation letters by Department Head and School Dean (should have original signatures)
  5. Peer Evaluations (if you have any)
  6. Summaries of all Student Evaluations
  7. Optional: List of ancillary materials that are included with the dossier. 
    For Biennial Review: optional ancillary materials can be included with the dossier.  The dossier is reviewed by department and the dean--not by a Committee.
 Please note that if you are submitting your 4-year review, your dossier should include all of the materials from your 2-year review in addition to the work since the last review).
Teaching Observations
The Handbook requires that tenure-track faculty be observed in the classroom once each semester by the department chair and once each year by the Dean or Associate Dean. It is your responsibility to set up these appointments. It is the observer’s responsibility to give you prompt, written feedback on the standard form (included in template). Both of you must sign the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions about the process, please contact your department chair, Assistant Dean Allison Schultz, Associate Dean Vera Eccarius-Kelly, or Dean Janet Shideler.