Stalking Checklist


You deserve to be safe.  This checklist can help you identify if you are experiencing stalking.

  • Is someone contacting you excessively via phone (including hang-ups), email or text messaging?
  • Does this person know that their attention is unwanted by you?  Have you asked this person to stop?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or fearful as a result of this person's behavior toward you?
  • Is this person asking you frequent questions like: Where are you?  What are you doing? Who are you with?
  • Is this person showing up unexpectedly to check up on you at work, home or school?
  • Does this person know things about your life/schedule which you have not shared with them?
  • Has this person ever gone through your stuff, hacked into your computer, messed with your phone or social media account, etc?
  • Has this person ever damaged your property to make you feel afraid?
  • Does this person send you unwanted gifts, cards, letters, etc?
  • Does this person follow you, show up uninvited at work, school, or other places you are known to frequent?