What you can do if dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking is happening to you


You deserve to be safe. 
We can help.

What you can do if you have survived an incident of Sexual Violence:


What you can do if dating violence or stalking is happening to you:
  • Trust your instincts - if you feel afraid listen to yourself and go to a safe place.  
  • Tell someone you trust.
  • Reach out to someone on campus.  Learn more about support resources on and off campusWe can help.  Consider meeting with a Siena College administrator like the Dean of Students  or Title IX Coordinator at Siena College to obtain information about the many support services available to you on campus. The person will be able to answer your questions and can also walk you through the process of filing a report on and off campus, should you decided to pursue either or both courses of action.  Learn more about how to report and what you can expect when you report.
  • Create a safety plan.
  • Document and Save evidence
Documenting and Saving Evidence: Stalking

Documenting and Saving Evidence: Dating Violence