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Using NASCE Results

Most commonly, institutions incorporate NASCE results into their strategic plans for community engagement, so as to make informed, data-driven programmatic and policy decisions to increase their students’ overall level of community involvement and enhance community impact.

Institutions also use their NASCE data for:

  • Implementing specific issue-area initiatives to increase the rate, frequency, and depth of involvement in certain need areas
  • Expanding deep community partnerships
  • Enhancing service-learning curriculums and community-based research programs
  • Admissions materials
  • Grant funding
  • Applications for accreditations, including the Carnegie Classification and/or the President’s High Honor Service Roll

Most institutions work the NASCE into their overall Assessment plans, and utilize it every 2-3 years as a re-assessment tool, to measure any and all progress, establish benchmarks, and inform future initiatives.

As the NASCE develops and our number of participant institutions increases, we are constantly seeing schools utilize their data in new, unique, and informative ways!