Do you know where Siena's blue lights are?




Siena College maintains over 30 outdoor emergency phones around the campus. These phones are mounted in blue boxes and have a blue light on top. Pushing the call button activates a direct phone line with Siena College Public Safety that automatically pinpoints the caller’s location. Students and staff are encouraged to learn the locations of the emergency call boxes and utilize them for all security and emergency communications.
1 Parking Lot U (South End)
2 Parking Lot S (Southwest Side)
3 Parking Lot B (East of Cushing Village)
4 Parking Lot O (Main Entrance / Northeast Side)
5 Parking Lot L (North Side)
6 Parking Lot H (Center of Lot on “H” Pole)
7 Chapel Road (West Side / Across from Chapel)
8 Parking Lot F (North of Baseball Field on Walkway)
9 Parking Lot W (North Side on Sidewalk)
10 Francis Drive at Friars Road (T Intersection)
11 Maloy Circle at Colbeth Hall
12 Parking Lot A (St. Francis Garage)
13 Athletic Field (North Side)
14 Foot Bridge (Between MacClosky and Cushing)
15 Cushing Village (Inner Pathway – North End)
16 Francis Drive (Cushing Village – South End)
17 Parking Lot Q (South Lawn of Hines Hall)
18 Parking Lot R (South Side)
19 Foot Bridge (Pole 15 – East Side of Bridge)
20 Parking Lot U (Pole 190 – East Side of Lot)
21 Parking Lot M (Pole 305 – West Side of Siena Hall)
22 Academic Quad (Pole 125 – Center of Quad)
23 Pathway (Northeast Corner of RB by Library)
24 Parking Lot G (Pole 207 – Northeast Corner of Morrell)
25 Chapel Road (Pole 277 – South End)
26 Parking Lot W (Pole 183 – Southwest Corner)
27 Behind Cushing 135 & 137 (On Pathway – Pole 26)
28 Northwest Corner of MacClosky Square on Clare Circle
129 On Scoreboard (South Side of All Purpose Athletic Field)
131 President’s House (Pathway)
132 Parking Lot C (New Hall)
133 Wetlands Bridge (E)
134 Wetlands Bridge (W)
135 Front of Trustco Bank Center
136 Rear of Trustco Bank Center