Academic Study Tours

 Spring 2014

Brazil: Adolescence and Schooling 
EDUC 360; 3 credits
The travel component of this course involves exchanges with faculty and teachers-in-training in Joao Pessoa, the city “where the sun rises first,” plus workshops with faculty from the Universidade Federal de Paraiba. Visits to local middle schools will include experiences and projects developed during the semester, with a special focus on creating a “climate of forgiveness” in the public school.

Travel dates: May 19-29, 2014; Cost: $TBD; Contact: Dr. Robert Colesante

Greece: Religious Treasures of the Greek Islands
RELG 400 (Satisfies the CFH Requirement); 3 credits
After a spring semester once-weekly class, students travel to Athens and to the islands of Paros, Santorini, Rhodes, Patmos, and the Cyclades and Dodecanese island groups. The tour will focus on such religious treasures as the Parthenon and Agora of Athens, the monastery of Dafni, the Hundred-door Church in Paros, the ruins of ancient Thira, Santorini and the monastery of St. John the Revealer, Patmos.

Travel dates
: May 19-June 2, 2014; Cost: $4800; Contact: Dr. Peter Zaas

Scandinavia & Estonia: Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries
WSTU 300 (GLST 325, PCST 240, MULT 300); 3 credits

The Nordic countries are consistently rated as the most gender equal countries in the world. We will assess the influence of the Nordic countries on the neighboring Baltic country, Estonia. While Estonia's capital, Tallinn, is home to Skype and is one of the most wired cities in Europe, how are they doing on gender equality? 

Travel dates
: May 19-29, 2014; Cost: $3,000; Contact: Dr. Shannon O'Neill

Poland & Lithuania: Service Learning in Holocaust Studies
ATDV 250; 3 credits
Students will engage in study and hands on experience to learn about the Holocaust, the rich heritage and enduring faith of the Jewish people, and the work that Jews and Christians are doing to promote peace and justice in our world today. Students will travel to Poland and/or Lithuania where they will visit ghettos and concentration camps, meet with survivors and community leaders, and engage in acts of service.

Travel dates: May 20-31; Cost: $2,700; Contact: Fr. Russell Murray 

Scotland: Rural Sustainable Development
SOCI 385 / ENVA 305; 3 credits

This course is an exploration of the policy and practice of sustainable development in rural communities. We will be visiting the Scottish Rural Development College, several experimental farms, the Shetland Islands where Big Oil and rural development collide, and the Scottish countryside.

Travel dates: March 8-15, 2014; Cost: $2,600: Contact: Dr. Mathew Johnson