Department Chair

  • James C. Harrison
    Professor of History
    Kiernan Hall 228

The Argus (Student Essay Winners)

 The Siena Argus is the Siena College online history journal of exceptional papers written by students taking history courses.  Papers are submitted by History Department faculty or submission can be requested by students.  Papers are chosen by the Argus Editorial Committee and published annually at the end of the Fall semester.  Winners are announced at the Academic Celebration in the Spring semester.

Siena Argus Winner 2014:  
"How to Organize Eco Terrorists: The Ironic Effect of the Green Scare"
by Kendall Veasaw, Class of 2014

Siena Argus Winner 2013:

by Larry Balkwill, Class of 2013

Siena Argus Winner 2012:

by Eben Yonnetti, Class of 2012


Siena Argus Winner 2011:

"The American Housewife:  Television and Magazine Images of Middle-Class Women, 1950-1955"

by Abigail Rourke, Class of 2011


Siena Argus Winner 2010:

"From Success to Failure: How the CIA Failed to Alter the Iranian Plan in Subsequent Interventions"

by Timothy Rau, Class of 2010


Siena Argus Winner 2009:  
"Supporting Corruption and Dictatorship:  U.S. Relations with Spain under Francisco Franco, 1945-1955"  
by KerryLynn Daly, Class of 2009