Ready Siena Checklist

Welcome to the Siena College! You worked hard to get here and deserve huge CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done. Now it’s time to become an official Siena Saint!

What’s next? Start by bookmarking this page and visit it often. Ready Siena  is your headquarters for next steps, essential forms and new student information. Like any successful HQ, Ready Siena is here to keep you on track and on time.

Ready Siena  Checklist

The Ready Siena Checklist is an index of items that you’ll need to complete over the next few weeks.  Start at the top and everything will fall into place. Remember, every step is bringing you closer to campus! 



1  Set Up and access your Siena Email Accoun and Sync your Google Calendar Due May 22nd 
2  Log on to your Web for Students Account and review the Summer Advising Web Page   Due May 29th
3  Complete your Housing Form  (Not required for Commuting Students)  Due June 5th
4  Complete your Academic Interest Form (Not required for Transfer Students) Due June 12th
5  Complete your Student Activities and Leadership Survey     Due June 26th
6  Complete your Health Forms     Due June 30th
7   Begin your Summer Reading July 3rd
8  Complete your Financial Aid Forms   Due July 10th
9  Follow us on Twitter @DRELLARDSAYS and like us on Facebook at Siena Student Success  Due July 17th
10  Complete your “Sokanu” Career Inventory Due July 24th
11  Sign up for your Siena Alert Due July 31st 
12  Complete your Student Health Insurance Form  (Available June 1st) Due Aug 14th 
13  Complete the HERI CIPR Survey ( Available August 1st)  Due Aug 21st
14  Pay Your Tuition Bill - If this is not paid, holds will be placed on account incurring $200 late fee  Due Aug 26th
15  Complete your "My Student Body" Inventory (Available July 28th) Due Aug 27th


 Helpful lnformation  

Academic Information - Especially About Fall courses

Information for Parents

Summer Reading for First Year Seminar  

Get Excited for New Student Orientation  Beginning on September 1st 2015 

 Questions?  Email or call us at or 518- 783- 2955.

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