Student Interest Survey




Want to get involved at Siena? That’s easy. There are a lot of clubs and organizations you can join. How do you get started? That’s even easier …


Complete this brief survey to tell us about the clubs, organizations, sports and activities you were involved with in high school. We’ll also ask what kind of things you might be interested in joining at Siena.


The link to access the survey will appear here in two weeks



Don’t worry. Indicating your interest in a club or activity does not mean you’re signed up or committed. It simply allows the Student Activities and Leadership Development Office to alert the club leaders of your interest.   


Open to everyone.

Student clubs at Siena are open to all students – regardless of major, class year or gender. Want to join the Biology Club? Do it! You don’t need to be a biology major – or even a science student. If you have an interest in something, join in … it’s that simple.  


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